Last updated on: 04/02/2020

This website is operated by COSAN LUBRIFICANTES E ESPECIALIDADES S.A., enrolled with the CNPJ (National Register of Corporate Taxpayers) under No. 33.000.092/0001-69 ("Moove").

Moove values the privacy and protecting the data of those who visit its website, so it has developed this Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to these principles. Thus, this Privacy Policy will explain how Moove collects data from visitors to this website, establishing the rules and assumptions about the personal data processing operations it carries out, that is, about the collection, registration, storage, use, sharing, transfer, and deletion of personal data, which will be processed only in accordance with our internal policies and the applicable laws in effect on the subject.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal data and other information that we may collect:
  • On our website;
  • By e-mail, text, and other online messages exchanged between you and our official channels; and.
  • When you interact with our advertisements or applications, provided that these advertisements or applications include links to this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected by Moove offline or by means not specified herein.

By accessing the website and the information contained therein, you declare that you have read this document in full, agreeing with what is set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, do not proceed to access the website.

Furthermore, due to the recent passing of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (Law 13.709, of August 14, 2018), also referred to simply as "LGPD", Moove informs visitors to the website that this Privacy Policy has been prepared and revised in accordance with the rules and requirements arising from that law.


This website will enable visitors to access information about MOOVE company, including instructions for use, recommendations, results, advertising pieces, and news in general. In other words, the purpose of this website is to clarify characteristics and services related to MOOVE company, presenting content that is merely informative in nature, free of charge and with no obligation for the visitor.
In turn, when accessing this website, visitors adhere in full to the rules, conditions, and guidelines adopted by Moove with regard to the form and means by which the information is presented and transmitted, as well as the operating mechanisms of this website and the applicable legislation.


Information made available on this website will be for reference purposes only, and Moove will make every effort regarding keeping it up to date, clear, and accurate. However, Moove is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the content provided, nor for its use by visitors. In any case, Moove will always make every effort to update and maintain the best content, and, for this reason, this website will be subject to constant updates, as many as necessary for its best use and purpose.

Moove disclaims responsibility for the misuse of the information provided, as well as for the consequences of decisions taken by the visitor based solely on information obtained from this website, which will result solely from the visitor's behavior and initiative.

Updates will be made to this website content without prior communication, are not subject to a pre-determined frequency and are not mandatory.

The visitor is aware that Moove is not responsible for the content or conduct of other websites that may redirect to this website, via links or indications, nor is it responsible for the content of any third-party websites linked to this website or which interact with this website in any way.

Under no circumstances will Moove be responsible for visitors' access to our website or the links and indications existing on our website, or for the practice of any acts that are not in accordance with its purpose, which is to disclose information about MOOVE company. The visitor is aware that access to this website or the links provided therein is due to its liberality and choice.


Using the website, Moove may collect the following personal data from visitors:
  • Information about the browser;
  • Visitor's operating system;
  • Model, brand, and other details about the mobile device, when applicable; and
  • Visitor's geolocation data.
Visitors will be able to access the website without providing any information about themselves. In turn, the use of any interactive areas will be linked to freely providing, at no cost, the information necessary for the proposed interaction.

Likewise, taking part in commercial promotions and cultural contests that may be disseminated through the website will be subject to the provision of the participants' personal data. The participant will be solely responsible for the data provided to Moove, and may, if applicable, request the alteration and/or correction of such data in accordance with the legislation in effect.

Data requested in interactive areas, commercial promotions and/or cultural contests may vary, according to each case.


The personal data collected are for the purpose of:
  • Conducting statistical analysis and improving and developing our website, as well as improving the information and services we can offer;
  • Responding to requests for information, questions, or clarifications about the products and/or services offered by Moove;
  • Adjusting our website and the content it offers, according to your specific browsing preferences;
  • Fulfilling our obligations and enforcing our rights;
  • For any other purpose, which we will indicate when collecting your personal data; and/or
  • For any other purpose, provided the consent of the personal data subject is given, except when such consent is not necessary under the terms of the legislation in effect.
Some of our websites or forms on which your personal data will be collected will have an "Opt In" option for you to permit Moove to use your personal data.


Cookies are files created and sent when you visit websites. They are saved on the visitors' devices when they visit Moove's websites. Cookies are used to identify the device the visitor uses when accessing our website. When accessing our website, we ask the visitor to agree to the storage of cookies on the device.

Moove uses cookies to understand how visitors access and interact with our website, which helps us to improve it. Our website contains the following third-party cookies, used to identify your online activities: Google Analytics©.

Although cookies are collected and cross-referenced through Google Analytics©, please be informed that Moove does not collect your IP (Internet Protocol) or any other information that could identify you (for more information about the personal data collected, please read the "What Personal Data We Use" section).

However, we do not control these third-party cookies or how they may be used.

To use the website without the automatic collection of cookies, the visitor must adjust the browser to refuse the storage of cookies on the computer. Should the visitor choose to proceed in this way, disabling the automated collection of this information, some features offered by the website may not work correctly and may impair the visitor's user experience.


Moove will respect the privacy of visitors' personal information and ensure that any such data captured will not be sold or distributed to third parties for commercial purposes.

However, the information collected may be shared with:

  • Companies providing technological and operational infrastructure contracted by Moove to enable full, fast, and easy use of the website, including information storage providers;
  • Our subsidiaries and affiliates, if such sharing is within the limits of the applicable law;
  • Our contractors, service providers, or other third parties we use to support our business, which have a contractual obligation to keep personal information confidential and use it only for the purposes for which we share it;
  • Possible successor in the event of merger, sale, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution or other significant corporate transaction;
  • Direct and indirect Government entities, to comply with court orders, the law, or administrative process, including in the event of requests made by regulatory or governmental bodies; or
  • Third parties, if we believe such sharing is necessary to protect Moove's rights.


As already mentioned, Moove values the privacy and protection of personal data and other information collected from its customers and visitors to this website. Likewise, in order to ensure the security of the information, Moove expressly declares that it does not store any visitor's personal data on its database.

When questions, e-mails, and suggestions are submitted, the visitor's data is stored on a third-party server (AWS), which has all security requirements reasonably adopted by the market. Such data is collected and stored only to respond to the question, suggestion, or request made by the visitor.

Even when taking every precaution in relation to the data collected and stored, it must be recognized by the visitors that no website is totally safe and proof against invasions and attacks. Accordingly, Moove cannot fully guarantee that there will not be any incidents resulting in unauthorized access to personal information by third parties.


Data collected from visitors will be retained by Moove indefinitely until such time as they are no longer useful for the purposes for which they were collected, or when the visitor requests the deletion of such data, when applicable.


According to applicable laws, website visitors have the following rights:

  • Request confirmation whether their personal data is being used;
  • Require limitations on the use of their personal data;
  • Oppose the use of their personal data and request the deletion of this data;
  • Request the portability of the processed personal data, in an eligible format, to another company or service provider (another Controller);
  • Request anonymization or blocking of data that is unnecessary, excessive, or processed in non-compliance;
  • Request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data;
  • Request information about public or private entities that have received personal data from Moove, related to the website;
  • Request information and clarification about the consent denial regarding the data collected and how it is processed, as well as being informed about the consequences of such denial;
  • Request revocation of consent.
In case of doubts or requests for clarification based on the rights mentioned above, visitors can contact Moove.

Exclusion of information, at the visitor's request, may affect your experience of using the website, as well as the provision of services provided so far.


The information about Moove and its products/services available on this website does not constitute an invitation to investors, nor does it aim to serve as a basis for investment decisions and options.

This website may contain forecasts or reports that reflect Moove's mere projections or expectations. Future income from Moove's activities may differ from what was forecast or expected and, for this reason, Moove recommends the visitor does not rely solely on this information for making decisions about actual or potential investments.


This website contains various works - texts, photographs, videos, graphic arts, titles, registered trademarks, distinctive signs in general, and images protected by copyright or other intellectual property or software rights. These rights are owned by Moove or have been licensed/authorized by their owners and holders. These rights are guaranteed to their owners and holders and must be observed by visitors for all purposes.

The content of this website may include: (i) registered trademarks owned by companies in the Moove group, (ii) registered trademarks owned by third parties whose use is granted under license or authorization for use on this website, or (iii) registered trademarks owned by third parties used within the scope provided for in article 132, I and II of the Industrial Property Act. In any event, the rights over these marks or other distinctive signs are guaranteed to their owners and holders and must be observed by visitors for all purposes.

The database formed from the data collected from the website is the property and responsibility of Moove and will be shared or accessed, when necessary, in accordance with the applicable current laws and in compliance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Moreover, the visitor is aware that the photographs on the website may include the image of people and that this right shall be respected, given that the visitor is prohibited from reproducing them for any purpose.

Reproduction or reverse engineering of any content on this website is prohibited for any purpose, except: (i) with prior and express authorization from Moove, or (ii) for reference purposes and for personal use only.

The visitor is aware that access to the website, even if using the interactive aspects, or the exceptional possibility of reproducing its content, does not confer any right over the content accessed, which remains the property of its original rights holders.


Doubts, questions, or complaints will be investigated by Moove as quickly as possible and should be reported using the e-mail address:


This Privacy Policy will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Brazilian laws, in the Portuguese language, and the courts of the visitor's domicile will have jurisdiction.